3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Phone Number

Phone Number

Working from home is an advantage of owning your own business. In fact, many people take their cell phones and computers and work from anywhere they want. No matter where your home office is, it’s essential to have a phone line dedicated to your business. You can have a separate cell phone, landline or softphone with a different number for work. Here are three reasons why having a dedicated business line is necessary.

1. Advertising

As a small business, advertising is vital to get new customers. Handing out business cards, flyers or setting up social media pages requires you to list a phone number. When you don’t know where your information is ending up, it’s a good idea not to have your personal cell phone listed. A business line guarantees your privacy without sacrificing customer service.

2. Business Hours

As an owner, you may feel that you work all the time. However, having a separate phone line allows you the flexibility of setting up business hours. With any of the phone line options, you can choose when you answer the business line. This way, you can still answer personal calls, and business calls don’t interrupt during your time off.

3. Voicemail

It’s necessary to have a way for customers to reach you after hours. Having a work phone allows you to set up a business voice mail with personal greetings. You can have different greetings during business hours and after business hours, so customers know when to expect a callback. It’s also an option to include information where people can get answers to questions, such as giving them your website address.

If you own a business, people need to be able to reach you at their convenience. Setting up a separate line protects your privacy and allows you to work dedicated hours while still providing customer service.