2019s Ultimate Guide To Card Payment Machines


A card payment machine is a common device that most businesses have these days. Even though cash payments are still done, there are customers who prefer to use their card for cashless transactions. Have you ever been asked if you accept card payments, yet you do not have a machine to take that payment? This can result in an unhappy customer. In the long run, you might be losing this customer. You do not want that to happen.

As much as possible, you only want more and more customers to come and visit your shop or store and do business with yours. However, without having more options for payment processes can make you lose customers. So this 2019, it is time for you to learn more about card payment machine for small business and find out if this is what you need.

Understanding How A Card Machine Works

If you want to use a credit card machine, you also need to have a phone or internet line in order to complete the payment process. The modern credit card machines these days can take payments from debit cards, credit cards, as well as mobile payments. No matter what type of card the customer wants to use, the process is always similar. Payment is done and completed in seconds. Here’s how it goes:

  • Authorization Request. The cardholder will swipe, dip, or tap the card to the machine. The request from the merchant bank will then be sent to the bank who issued the card. This is for authorization purposes whether the card is valid or not.
  • Transactions Are Submitted. The cashier will then submit the date, amount, as well as the location, to the card-issuing bank for verification. This is to make sure that the card has funds or if credit is available.
  • Approved or Declined Transaction. If there are sufficient funds on the bank account, or if there is credit available, then the payment will push through. The transaction will be approved. However, if the card was flagged as stolen, or if there are no credit available or insufficient funds, the payment will be declined. If this happens, another payment method can be used.

Importance Of Card Payment Machines

There are so many reasons why you need to have a card machine ready in case your customer wants to use a cashless payment method. Here are the benefits that you and your customers can enjoy if your establishment accepts card payments:

  • Fast Transactions. Shoppers these days prefer to bring their cards when they go shopping or when they dine out. This is because it lets them do fast and easy transactions.
  • Attract More Customers. If your previous customers are happy, there is a great chance that they too will recommend others to visit your establishment. If your customers know that transacting with you is fast and easy, they will surely come back and do business with you again.
  • Help Local Economy. The more growth your small business experiences, the more money is given back to your local company. Imagine, just by taking cashless payments, you invite more customers while helping your local economy at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to make the change today, take the chance to give new payment options a try. It is fast and easy to use. The most important thing is that this will not only benefit you and your business but also your local economy.