Do All Businesses Need To Shred


Have you been thinking about your paperwork and if you should look into shredding? Keep reading this article for more information about why shredding is the right business move for you.

If you’re running a small business, then yes, you should be looking into paper shredding services. As a small business, you will be handling confidential information and sensitive data just like large businesses and organisations do. These businesses use shredding services to make sure that this information is properly disposed of, and you should be doing the same. Payroll details, customer contracts and CV’s are all sensitive data, and it’s important to make sure that every document is protected. Once they’re no longer needed, it’s equally important to make sure that these documents are disposed of in the most appropriate way.

It’s not just recommended to dispose of these types of documents in the safest and secure manner- it’s required by law. The 1998 Data Protection Act specifies that if you have any documents with the personal information of individuals at work, you are legally required to protect that information. That means that you are required to dispose of every document and that becomes much easier when you turn to paper shredding services from a professional shredding company. Confidential waste disposal is a serious nature, and considering the requirement that it has to be carried out responsibly by law, it makes it all the more surprising that many small businesses are not taking the precautions and don’t have a proper provision for paper shredding. Consumer crimes, for example, identity theft, are on the rise and this can often be traced back to data leaks from small businesses and private individuals.

If you’re looking to protect your customers and staff from any type of fraud, like identity theft, and want to keep your information secure, then investing in a professional paper shredding service is key. Paper shredding businesses offer your business a flexible service that can be tailored to suit your needs. They are dedicated to work and accommodate whatever your business’s requirements, and can change your collections depending on the number of documents you have, or even design a suitable service to suit your business’s budget.

These businesses can also offer the option to come to your office for ultimate ease, meaning that you don’t have to take your documents off your premises to shred it. They are able to provide you with suitable boxes and bags to use in your office so you can collect all of your waste documents tidily and efficiently in one place before they visit and collect it. Their on-site paper shredding services ensure that all of your documents are destroyed properly. The machines on their vehicles shred all of your documents into tiny pieces so that they cannot be identified, and are then transported to a recycling centre where they’re destroyed.

Overall, your business should definitely look into shredding. It’s an easy agreement to set up and will put your mind at ease knowing that your documents are in safe hands.