Paysera Business Account


The evolution in technology and the electronic world affected so many different spheres of human life and made it easier than before. One of the most significant communities that are affected by these types of modernization is banking and payment services. In this term, so many companies and platforms are trying to create the best services and offer for their customers to be more popular among people. Is paysera safe? In this short article, we will write about Paysera as one of the modern online platforms for payment services and will discover the special features it. 

Paysera for Business

Definitely, the huge competition between different services in the sphere of payment and banking, made so many platforms to be better and always make new updates and offers for their users. Paysera created a new level and modern type of payment that is fast, easy to use, international, and with the best price, allows individuals and businesses to use services from everywhere and at any time. Paysera also offers a free IBAN account that will give the users abilities to transfer money from anywhere and at any time as quickly as possible with no fees. Additionally, the exchange currency of Paysera is providing the best rates for their customers and also allows them to make payments in total contactless format. The physical debit cards that are available by Paysera made life easier for users and especially for businesses; Should be noted that the simple mobile app of this platform is also easy to use and gives access to all card and account information.  

Opening the Business Account

One of the most special features of Paysera is the business account. Customers can open this type of account totally in an online format and without any paperwork and all mentioned services above, different types of payments and opportunities are included in this type of accounts too. Also, business account owners can make payments with QR codes and SMS too and the managing of this type of accounts especially with the Paysera mobile app is simple and understandable for anyone. An account of a company can be opened by the legal head of the company with entering the Paysera site and choosing the business account, filling the registration forms, make confirmations and verifications according to Paysera’s requirements that are covering the phone and document verification process and at the end with completing the profile information customers can have access to their business account and use all services.    


Paysera with special features and creating the new level of payment system and modernization made itself more unique than other platforms in this sphere. The idea of special business accounts and the interesting features of it that mentioned above increased the popularity of Paysera among users and today Paysera can be counted as one of the best options for making international payments and transactions.