Scrap Metal Recycling and How To Do It

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal is any type of metal that is recyclable. This can be left over from manufacturing or consumption. The metal can come from vehicles, building supplies or surplus materials. This scrap metal has a value that you can sell it for. Most of the time, scrap yards weighs each type of metal or all together and then they multiple the amount of weight by the price of the metal. The scrap metal is then stored til there is enough to melt down into something different. Some scrap is ran through a shredder, which makes it easy to pick put the steel. When all the small parts are out of the shredder, then the steel is picked out with a magnet.

How Exactly Is Scrap Recycled?

When wanting to recycle scrap metal, you have to separate the metal into types. When separating out the metal, you want to separate it into magnetic metals and non-magnetic metals. Magnetic metals are iron, steel, and other ferrous metals. Non-magnetic metals are aluminum, copper, and brass. When you get the scrap separated into magnetic and non-magnetic then you separate by what type of metal it is. From there you separate by whether or not it is clean. Clean metals are worth more. After all the sorting, the metals are ran through a shredder. After the shredding is done, the metals are melted down. The metal is then purified and all the impurities are removed. It really depends on the metal on how to purified it. The melted metal is then cooled and made back into a solid. When the metal is made into a metal bar, it is sent to factories or other places that use metals.

Places Of Scrap Metal Recycling

There are several places that take scrap metal all over the world. Scrap yards have different names, such as junk yards and many more, and not all of them recycle. There are many scrap metal recycling chicago il yards that recycle their scrap for reuse. reusing metals cost less the finding or making the raw materials.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metals are through away everyday and you do not even realize it. Scrap yards take unusable metals and make them to where they can be used again and it takes care of some of the waste that would otherwise be setting around. When looking at places that would take your scrap, you need to make sure that not only do they have the highest price for it but that they are going to recycle it for later uses. It is a process to recycle but at the end it more cost efficiency to go through the process. There are several plants and companies all over the world that uses recycled metals in their products. Recycled metals is what is helping the world with not having so much metal setting around that could be reused and saving money. Recycling metals or anything can help cut down on the trash that is filling up our landfills along with making sure that the metal is used to its full potential.