The necessity of Expiring ID card for Visitors


Identity cards have become one of the essential aspects of every society. It not only enhances the security of workplace but also helps in easily identifying the bearers. If you are not aware of the term identity cards; these are documents which help in proving the identity of a person. These are small credit card sized forms which includes all the necessary information such as name, age, organization name and much more along with a passport sized photograph as well.

Identity cards are well used in almost all of the educational institutes, offices, companies and much more. These identity cards usually come up with an expiring date which means after which the bearers needs to renew it if he/she requires. Affixing expiration date to the identity cards is one of the easiest and effective ways to ensure that it has become old, and outdated. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent the misuse of invalid ID cards.

ID cards include a visibly displayed expiration date for easy checking. A large number of companies offer ID cards with different colored lanyards so that to make it easier and evident that for which year this card is usually valid for. Along with all these essential aspects, it is the best way to ensure the regular updating of the photo and hence reflects the current look of the employee. Visitors to the various organizations are also allotted visitors ID cards which only last for a shorter time period. One of the main reasons behind the necessity of expiring ID card for visitors are

  • Limited time frames: The visitors’ identity cards usually come up with limited time frames after which they need to renew it once again. Being an employer, you can authorize different visitor cards along with varying frames of time such as half day, full day, four days or a maximum of seven days as per your requirement.
  • Prevents unauthorized accessing to the workplace: The visitor’s identity cards along with limited time frame not only helps in providing authority to visitors to enter into your place but also it is one of the best techniques to prevent unauthorized accessing of your workplace as well. No visitor can stay for a more extended time period without your permission. The expired Identity cards will be easily identified by the security guards and hence helps in preventing unauthorized accessing.
  • Enhanced security of the workplace:Expiring ID cards for visitors help in improving the safety of your workplace. It helps in finding out those people who are roaming in the organization without permission.
  • Prevents the unauthorized use of Visitor’s ID card: Think about the situation where you have authorized a visiting card to a visitor, and he/she is misusing it time and again without informing you. It might cause a serious threat to your organization sometimes. To avoid such situations; it would always be wiser to make use of expiring ID cards for visitors. Authorizing expiring ID cards enables you to restrict the visitors for the limited time period after which it will automatically get expired, and hence no one can use it further.
  • Prevents you from the burden of collecting used ID cards: Using the expiring ID cards for visitors keeps you away from the headache of collecting used one’s time and again. It will remain no use of after it has exceeded the time period for which it has been authorized.
  • Helpful in an emergency also: Expiring ID cards with lanyards for visitors are one of the perfect sources which seem to be very helpful in cases of emergencies such as fire, earthquake, flood, and various others. It helps in determining the fact that who is still in the building and hence can serve as a savior in such stressful situations.

Expiring ID cards with lanyards for visitors are serving as saviors as these help in enhancing the security of your workplace along with easy recognizing the unauthorized access. These ID cards help in preventing the duplicity and are very helpful in case of emergencies also. It correctly helps an organization in streamlining the list of visitors and hence best one in managing the visitors’ list.