Dubai is one of the most ultra modern emirates of UAE (United Arab Emirates) that showed massive growth in almost every field including real estate and property business in recent years. The city is now being recognized as the sporting capital of the Middle East and with its liberal attitude and relaxed environment Dubai attracts several overseas investors and millions of visitors. With such an exceptional economic growth the Government of the city carry out successful diversification of its economy in order to launch various sectors including tourism, finance, business and travel industries.

Dubai is little different up to some extent than other emirates of the country. Unlike other emirates, Dubai earns revenues from oil products that contribute its 6% of the Gross Domestic Products. The major contributions in its GDP are from the real estate and tourism sector and as a result today Dubai proudly holds some of the tallest and astonishing skyscrapers of the world. With such a tremendous growth in real estate sector in the emirates has successfully drags the attention of the various international organizations and individual foreign investors always looking forward to find the best opportunities for the real estate investment.

Reasons are endless when it comes to invest in Dubai properties and they are:

  • Dubai is easily accessible as having direct flights from almost all major cities in the world.
  • Properties in Dubai are less expensive in comparison to others trading hub in the world
  • Property rental income is a stable source of income indeed, sometime it might be fluctuate, which is highly unlikely to vanish altogether.
  • Property and real estate sector in Dubai is open to any investor from anywhere in the world
  • Gives greater liquidity and more funds in the marketplace
  • Basic value of the property will never change even the cost of the property might fluctuate
  • Property is always considered as a hybrid asset with the capital appreciation of a stock
  • Property is considered as a finest tool for seeking collateral for loans and stuff
  • Typically investment in Dubai property means having the more control over the nature, size and timing of the real estate investment.
  • During an economic boom, typically the property demand pickup.
  • The portfolio of Dubai properties guides and helps investors to diversify the risk
  • Dubai property is good hedge against inflation.
  • Dubai is a tax free city with no income or capital gain tax
  • City is extremely safe as having low or modest crime rate
  • Several entertainment projects like amusement park are coming up throughout the city gives you another chance to invest in real estate

Currently the real estate and property market in Dubai has been very active and also attract various investors towards it. If you are interested in making investment in Dubai property, you can consult with reliable real estate agency or organizations in UAE that provides you total investment property solutions.