Asia quality inspection, step by step process and details


Everyone knows that the success of a business is based on the relationships it has with its different clients, it depends also on the clients continued satisfaction with the products and services they opt for. It’s such an obvious truth that it can be forgotten though, and all too often it’s forgotten when engaging an outsourced manufacturing partner. The cost savings detailed on their offer are amazing and the excitement over the low price, instead of setting alarm bells ringing, allows firms to squander their hard-earned reputation when the goods that are delivered don’t meet their customer’s usual exacting quality demands.

If you order materials and goods from anywhere you need to sure before you pay for the products and to ship them to their destination that they are fit for purpose. This is the reason for pre-shipment Asia quality inspection. A team of quality inspection persons visits the factory site and verifies the finished products and also their packaging.

A final pre-shipment comes with some obvious reason that takes place at the end of a manufacturing process when between 80% and 100% of the order is complete and packaged for shipping.

There are few folds Asia quality inspection processes should be done by an inspection team or a company that offer such services:

Final inspection of the shipment

This process runs after the final packaging and manufacturing process. Final shipment inspection is a process that checks the quantity and quality issues of the products as 80% to 100% production work is complete. It can be done at the factory site or some time at the warehouse of the reseller or the freight forwarder. You can go to the service if your budget suits it.

In-process inspection of the goods

This process is for inspecting the products during the process of production. It is important to resolve the quality issues associated with a good in a faster way. With this process, one can easily avoid the delay in the shipping process. This process is effective for quality control.

Container loading check

This process is applicable during the process of product loading. It checks that the right amounts of cartons are properly loaded for shipment. You can even get the real-time result of this checking. If you want to get the right number of boxes but this is not for quality checking.

First Article inspection

This is the most critical inspection process that includes verifying the right set-up, correct alignment of products and it ensures also the right configuration of the products.

Manufacturing process supervision

This process is for checking the production process. With the process, one can avoid the expenses and time of product reworking. If you are concerned about the real manufacturing process, you can go for this process.

Defect sorting inspection

Defect sorting inspection is a process that helps in avoiding expenses and time of product reworking. Through the process, the defects can be marked before the final shipment. Defective products are removed and other ones go for shipment.