Why Businesses Are Moving Away from On-Prem Servers

On-Prem Servers

According to new research, the cloud computing market is expected to reach $411 billion by 2020. What’s more, the growth of the cloud industry is simply astonishing; analysists put the annual growth rate at around 24%. This means that more and more businesses are now buying into the idea of cloud computing. What is so attractive about the cloud that companies are willing to hire data migration services to transfer business data from on-prem servers to cloud infrastructures.

Data Security

Data security is one of the main reasons why most organizations prefer cloud storage over on-site data centers. Cloud storage systems use sophisticated tools and algorithms to distribute data across several physical and logical servers. In addition to that, cloud providers also offer various levels of data security, including encryption and access control. Such robust security measures ensure that the data is always available on-demand and can only be accessed and used by the right people.

Low IT Cost

Cloud services provide a much cheaper alternative to setting up and running an in-house server facility or data center. With cloud computing, businesses don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in IT hardware and software for servers. Plus, there is no need for an IT support team since there are barely any IT systems to manage. Cloud services are personalized products paid for on a subscription basis, so businesses conveniently pay for only what they need within a specific period.

Workplace Diversification

The modern workplace is gradually shifting from the nine-to-five tradition into a more flexible setting. Organizations can now hire freelancers and contractors who work remotely. With cloud-hosted business services, remote workers can effortlessly link up and collaborate on a common enterprise. This idea can improve workplace efficiency and productivity considerably.

The many attractive benefits of cloud computing are some of the reasons why businesses are moving away from traditional server setups. The cloud is a convenient solution for helping companies meet their digital demands.