Fountains Attract Visitors and Help Wildlife

tranquil getaway

The water in the pond or small lake on your property can do more than merely sit there. With a small investment in a floating fountain that sprays water from 10 to 50 feet into the air or in a more subtle aerator kit, it can become the focal point while entertaining guests at home or a tranquil getaway for employees and clients drawn there by the setting on a commercial property.

A pond or lake fountain pump, perhaps complemented by lighting in the evening hours, makes for an appealing visual attraction to visitors while also proving a boost to the ecosystem and nearby wildlife. Whereas even a small body of water that is otherwise well maintained is susceptible to algae, odors and mosquitos, one with moving water can avoid those pitfalls while better supporting fish and offering safe drinking water for visiting deer, rabbits and birds courtesy of aeration via that pond or lake fountain pump. Not to be overlooked is that this means less reliance on expensive chemicals that might also be harmful to the rest of the ecosystem.

In shallow bodies of water, the aeration process keeps algae spores from high exposure to growth-inducing sunlight. The oxygenated water also reduces the hydrogen sulfide levels associated with unpleasant odors. That same oxygen-infused by a lake fountain pump helps the body of water support more and healthier aquatic life, and the constant flow of the water diminishes the likelihood of mosquito eggs successfully hatching.

These advantages can be reaped with a modest 1.5 horsepower motor for an acre or less of surface area and an additional 1.5 HP for each additional acre. In deeper water, more sophisticated pumps are necessary to handle the job. They push air more aggressively through diffuser plates sitting at the bottom, keeping sediment that contributes to unhealthy growth from forming.