What features make Tata Ultra 1518 a popular truck

Tata Trucks in India.

Tata Ultra 1518, a part of the brilliant range of light trucks established by Tata, is an aesthetically designed truck with elegant looks. It is the highest-selling truck based on the Ultra platform.

This modern truck has been equipped with the best in class features. The Ultra 1518 gets its power from the NG 5.0 DICR, 4- cylinder turbo compression injection diesel engine with intercooler technology. Equipped with Tata’s common rail fuel injection system, the power plant helps the truck to churn 180 hp of power at 2400 rpm and 590 Nm of torque between 1,000 and 2000 rpm. The diesel engine comes along with a 6-speed cable shift manual gearbox. A significantly attractive feature of this truck is the three hundred thousand kilometers or three years warranty offered by Tata Trucks in India. The truck is extremely light and offers a gross vehicle weight of 15710 kgs, which is pretty impressive for a truck this size.

As far as suspension is concerned, the truck has been equipped with parabolic leaf springs with telescopic shock absorbers in the front and semi-elliptical leaf springs with parabolic auxiliary springs at the rear to improve driver comfort, ensure smooth rides at variable loads and to cater to different applications. The truck has a maximum speed of 80kmph along with a gradability of 27.2%.

The truck comes with a wider walk-through cabin with easier access to the engine. The hydraulic 45- degree tiltable cabin offers lesser downtime and is easier to maintain. The utility pockets on the headbox make room for a much bigger storage area. Features such as provision for AC, adjustable driver seat, digital clock, a mobile charging point, etc add to the favorability of the truck. The digital instrument cluster displays the trip and live kmpl indicators i.e. fuel, water in fuel, low air pressure, speed, rpm, brake, temperature, seat belt, economy, time, assistance, neutral position, etc.

The truck is offered in 4 load body length options. Air brakes, as well as power steering, are a standard feature in Ultra 1518. While the air brakes bring greater efficiency, security, and reliability, the power steering promise stability at higher speeds. The steering is suitable for all kinds of drivers as it comes with integrated tilt and telescopic adjustment.

Some additional comfort, as well as safety features, include foldable armrest having a storage box, case for goggles, a hook for your coats, magazine pocket indoor trim, grab handles that bring ease in ingress or egress, etc.

This light truck also boasts of its new generation headlamps and tail lamps. The former are stylized clear lens lamps while the tail lamps have been integrated with LED for the first time in a commercial vehicle.

As far as seating is concerned, Tata Ultra 1518 comes with wide comfortable seats for 3 i.e. one driver and two passengers. Impressively, the driver seat can be adjusted in 6 ways according to his/her comfort. Therefore, such an arrangement reduces driver fatigue and enhances the driving experience.