Should You Set Up An eCommerce Store From Scratch or Buy One?

eCommerce Store

Those who want to set up an online store have many doubts when making their plan. In addition to worrying about the products and the business itself, most online merchants are wondering – is it better to start an eCommerce from scratch or buy one? The final answer depends largely on the budget of the potential online marketer. Setting up an eCommerce store from scratch requires a substantial number of resources and a fairly good knowledge of the subject. In addition, the cost of hiring an Atlanta web design professional who would do all the work should not be avoided.

Using a Website Builder

On the other hand, you can opt for a website builder that offers the option to create an eCommerce store at an affordable price. In addition to giving you the opportunity to set up an eCommerce in a fast and efficient way, the platform should come pre-designed and pre-configured. Thus, you can create a professional website to sell products online without the skills of a designer. However, if you are a novice, this does take some trial and error. In other words, there is always a learning curve.

Things to Consider

Before creating an online store and publicizing your business, it is essential to create a checklist that contains the answers to the following questions:

What is my business about?

It is essential to create a business plan to be able to calculate the costs and see if they are aligned with your budget and if the investment is worth it. The following aspects are those that require your attention regarding the matter:

Define what the business consists of

  • The product: The first thing you must identify is the product you want to sell. This way you can determine the amount of money that you should invest in its creation and its position in the market. If you want to sell the products of other businesses, it is essential to find a supplier and learn more about their rates.
  • The benefits: The second step includes the percentage of the benefits that you can obtain by investing in a product line.
  • The website: Every online merchant needs their website to be able to present and sell their products. Calculate the cost required to buy a web host, a domain, hire a web designer, and to fix every essential aspect of your eCommerce.
  • Marketing: A percentage of your budget will be allocated to marketing. Investing in advertising and other types of digital marketing is essential in order to take your online store to the next level.


There are other variables such as content marketing, setting up a payment portal, uploading products and descriptions and so much more. It is not very easy to calculate all the expenses that come with creating an online store, especially if you do not have a very high budget. However, thanks to the multitude of options that exist today, you can create a website for your small project without much investment. Best of all, you can always switch to the more advanced solution, which is hiring a professional to help your business grow.