The Types of Screening You Might Need to Get and Keep a Great Job

Job Screening

In times of inflation and an uncertain economy, great jobs are hard to find. Furthermore, once you are lucky enough to be offered a worthwhile position, you have to work hard to maintain it. This may mean agreeing to periodic screenings.

Here are several screenings you may have to endure on the job, including substance screening Victorville CA, credit checks, and more. Some of these screenings are only done once as you apply to your chosen position, while others are done on a weekly or monthly basis after you’re accepted and go to work.

Substance Screening

Checking employees for drugs and alcohol is a common tactic that businesses use to ensure their workers are clean and sober. These checks may be random or done at regular intervals, depending on the business’s preference. Before you take the job you are offered, your employer will disclose that substance screenings are part of the deal, and you have to sign a contract verifying that you know this to be true.

Drug screenings are usually done at factories where employees regularly work with heavy machinery. That said, you may undergo substance screenings if you work at a school or even in an office. If you work with children, substance screenings are also very likely.

Background and Credit Checks

Background checks and credit checks are typically screenings that take place during the application process. For instance, if you are applying to a job in finance, you might be subject to a credit check. If you are applying to work with kids, even if you don’t directly work with them, you will undergo a full background check.

Degree Verification and Reference Checks

Now that the US unemployment rate is high, employers are able to raise their standards and job seekers are more competitive. If you are on the hunt for a higher level job in a specialized field, you can expect that your degree will be verified. If a job requires a Bachelors degree, the employer will check with the college listed on your resume to see if you actually graduated and obtained said degree. They might even check your grade point average.

Finding a job may mean you have to jump through hoops. However, if a screening here and there means you can make a consistent income, the hoops are worthwhile.