Baby Boomers: The Next Career

Baby Boomers

Being a part of a generation that has embraced the plethora of resources that can be found online, it is no shock that every job offer I received came from hard prospecting on the internet. Of course, growing up as a millennial I was introduced to the internet at a young age and it certainly played a part in leading me to many opportunities that otherwise, I might not have ever been exposed.

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet; however, generations before millennials could utilize other methods of seeking opportunity, particularly the job market. Relying on education, word of mouth, and the local newspaper was a great way to seek opportunity, but what happens when someone of this generation loses their job nowadays?

With retirement on the minds of baby boomers, the last thing they want to consider is having to find another job after being let go from their previous position. Finding another career as an aging American in the workforce is inarguably a challenge so where are they look? Consider the following options if you’re faced with such an unfortunate event:

Home Care Assistance

Being a generation that has experience, providing personal care is something that should be relatively easy. Many communities have a demand for care in their elderly and the baby boomers would be considered a prime candidate for the position. Whether the individual is out of work or retired and not yet ready to spend all their time on the golf course, this opportunity could provide them with a chance to continue working and caring for someone in need.

Medical Secretary

For those who have a great deal of experience in book keeping and who might be familiar with an office atmosphere, the position of a medical secretary might be an ideal position to consider work. Taking calls, scheduling appointments, and tending to the necessary paperwork is sure to help if you’re in need of extra income.

Security Guard

Another great opportunity for baby boomers is to consider being a security guard. It would be wise to consider that you might be on your feet for hours at a time and some shifts could be late, but it’s a great chance to earn income.

Many establishments seek the presence of a security guard to watch the incoming and outgoing traffic of their facility. This might appeal to someone with a criminal justice background seeking the chance to provide their services after many years of experience.


Who doesn’t enjoy a signature brew from their favorite coffee shop? Due to the high turnover rate, many companies would consider hiring someone with dependability. Consider applying to a local Starbucks or even a local coffee shop that would appreciate someone who is looking for something more than a steppingstone position.

Light Transportation

Many people have taken advantage of newer businesses that work around their schedule versus a standard part-time position; allowing them to work as much as they want, whenever they want. Although, it might be a bit different from what they’re use to, the baby boomer generation could make a living based on the needs of their finances.

Depending on whether your community has begun to utilize their services, consider companies such as Uber, and Lyft to make money. Earning extra income would be as easy as providing other community members a ride.

Unfortunately, there are many baby boomers that make up a part of the nation’s homeless population; however, with help and a new chance to make income from community leaders and business owners, they can also continue to support themselves.

What are some other opportunities that you would recommend?