How to Leverage the Power of Toronto Job Agencies

Job Agencies

Over the years, the work of recruitment agencies has undergone a sea change. While in the past, recruiters had only a few candidate records to deal with, the number has gone up manifold and there are thousands of candidate profiles in the databases. This has in a way led to a depersonalization in the recruitment industry. However, there are a number of Toronto job agencies that put in extra effort to build and develop relationships and consider themselves responsible for the future of the candidates.


But at the same time, there are also a lot of misconceptions about the industry. These are primarily caused by the sky high expectations of job seekers who believe that they would land their dream role quite easily. However, the reality is quite different.

Here are a few points that will help job seekers to determine what they can expect out of the agencies.

Candidate Should Take Responsibility for Their Career

Job agencies do not look for people but search for candidates who fit the bill. The industry is driven by sales and therefore are under pressure to do well. There are special consultants who give advice and assistance. But the candidate should not have inordinately high expectations. It is necessary that they take charge of the situation and do not wait for a miracle to happen.

Increase Exposure

Get your resume enlisted with several job agencies and also post it on various job boards. The resume should have certain search words or keywords repeated so that your resume features higher up the ranks during the course of the search made by a recruiter. It is also necessary that you search for jobs on your own and drop in your resume at places where there are suitable vacancies. You can also search for an agency online and get their number to introduce yourself. All in all, you should make it easier for the job agencies to look for you. For this, you have to ensure that the contact information provided on your resume is absolutely correct.

Be Selective

There is no point in applying for jobs that don’t fulfill your criteria. If you keep on applying for every job posting you come across, recruiters may view you as a candidate who lacks focus. Keep a track of the positions that you apply for. The agencies often post the jobs on various websites. So if you have applied once, you need not reapply for the same position. This will save your time as well as that of the recruiter.

Find the Right Agency

Select a few agencies that operate in your area and get in touch with an expert consultant. It is always a good idea to seek the services of specialist agencies as it will boost your job search immensely. Introduce yourself to the consultant and seek their advice.

Work as a Team

If an agency calls and you are unable to take the call at that moment, call them back immediately. Provide them with a feedback after you have appeared for an interview. Building a relationship and working on improving it goes a long way in improving your search for a suitable job.