If you’re keen to develop your web development skills, there are a number of valuable websites that can help you to get started on your knowledge journey. Here are seven of the best that are ideal for beginners.

WP Beginner

This covers everything that a new developer needs to know about WordPress, from the basics of installing themes and plugins through to solving difficult coding problems. There are around 5,000 topics covered on the website, and new ones are being added all the time.


This is a well-known site for webmasters looking for learning tutorials and courses on topics such as CSS3, HTML5, PHP, mobile app dev and JavaScript. It has a forum, a marketplace, content archive and other useful features.


This is another tutorial website that is slightly different. Again, it has everything that beginners need, but is also valuable for more experienced developers and designers who are seeking answers to specific JavaScript, HTML or CSS queries. There is a useful bookmark feature to help you return to key information at a later date.


This is the website to go to when a professional web development company in London wants to find the ideal theme for your website, with thousands of online learning resources to help you with web applications, mobile devices and other development areas. There are video and text tutorials and paid online courses.

Code Academy

This is an online repository of tutorials, and the website is well known because of its active engagement on social media ad offline marketing channels. You can walk through each learning module with periodic testing to check that you have learned the content. Redsnapper London Web development company can help you to build the business website that you need.


As you progress into web design, you’ll create your own elements of CSS to understand how it operates. This is a great learning curve, but it takes time. Bootstrap allows you to use a grid-based design with a single repository which rapidly upskills you in the elements you need. There are plenty of online websites that can help you in this way: http://www.creativebloq.com/inspiration/21-essential-resource-sites-web-designers-4117054.


This is the perfect intermediate-user website with resources, theory and tools that allow you to build your knowledge of web design and specific learning modules for text styling, text location and colour theory.